We have three types of necklaces: our short necklaces are adjustable from 40 to 45cm, whereas our long necklaces have a fixed length of 60cm. Our chokers are adjustable from 30 to 40cm. 

Bracelets and Bangles

Most of our bracelets are adjustable from 16 to 19cm. All our open bangles are adjustable and our closed bangles have three different links for adjustment. 

How can I find my Ring Size?

The best way is to add our ring sizer to your order to ensure you don't order the wrong size!

Use your favorite ring (the one that never leaves your finger). Take a ruler and measure the inside diameter of your ring (in inches). Be careful: all your fingers have different sizes.

To make things simpler, we suggest to use your middle finger as a reference. The index generally has the same diameter as the middle finger whereas the ring finger is one size below.

Ring diameterOur ring sizeUK sizeRing diameterOur ring sizeUK size
1.40 cm44G1.73 to 1.75 cm56O to P
1.46 cm46H1.81 cm58Q
1.53 cm48I1.86 to 1.91 cm60R to S
1.58 cm50K1.95 cm62T
1.60 cm52L2.00 to 2.03 cm64U to V
1.69 cm54N2.07 to 2.12 cm66W to X

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