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New Online Challenge (a simplified joint-stock company) going by the commercial name of Who We Are, editor of the website

SIREN number: 830 435 863

Head office: 30 rue de Paris, 94220 Charenton Le Pont - France




Head office: Ontario, Canada

Those conditions apply to a consumer with full legal capacity and on any order made on this Website.

We do our very best to give you full satisfaction. On this Website, we provide you with all the essential information about our products. We will pay specific attention to the remarks you send us at

These terms and conditions are written in English.

The simplified, joint-stock company New Online Challenge, with a 1000-euro (856.41 pounds) capital, editor of the Website Our head office is situated at 30 rue de Paris, 94220 Charenton Le Pont. We are registered at the Créteil Trade and Companies Register under the SIREN number 830 435 863. Who We Are can be contacted by email at

Thereafter referred to as the "Vendor".

And the physical or moral person purchasing goods or services from the Vendor, thereafter referred to as "The Buyer" or "The Client".

Have agreed as follows:


The Vendor produces Who We Are goods and services for consumers only and commercialises them via their Website

The list and description of goods and services offered by the Vendor can be consulted on the above-mentioned Website.

Article 1: Purpose

These General Conditions determine the rights and obligations of both parties in the context of online sales of Goods offered by the Vendor.

Article 2: General Principles

These General Sales Conditions apply to any sale of Goods processed via the Vendor's Website and which are covered by the Contract between the Client and the Vendor. The Vendor reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions by publishing a new version on the Website.

The General Sales Conditions applicable then are the Conditions applicable at the date of payment (or date of first payment in the event of multiple payments) of the order. These General Sales Conditions can be consulted on the Vendor's Website at the following address: The Vendor will also make sure that the acceptance thereof is clear and unreserved by adding a box the Client will have to tick as well as a confirmation click. The Client affirms having read these General Sales Conditions and, if any, the Special Sales Conditions applicable to a product or service entirely and accepting them without any reserve or restriction. The Client claims to have received the necessary information to ensure that the offer was adapted to their needs. The Client claims to have the legal capacity necessary to sign contracts in compliance with their country's law or to be a valid representative of the physical or moral person for whom they are signing this contract. In the absence of any contradictory proof, the information collected by the Vendor serves as evidence of all the transactions that have been carried out.

Article 3: Products

Who We Are sells 18K gold-filled (3 microns) or 925/1000 solid silver jewellery, with or without rhodium (rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and anklets. Each product on sale on the Website is presented with one or more pictures as well as a description of the material and colours. This information, though, is non-binding.

The descriptions and pictures of the products presented on the Website are as accurate and faithful as possible, though the colours, dimensions, textures and other features of the Products may ba altered by the screens or web browsers used to visualise them.

The Client hereby accepts that the photographs, descriptions or graphic elements used to present the products offered on the Website may not be exact and are non-binding. They also declare that they will not hold the Vendor responsible for any mistake, omission or change.

However, Who We Are untertakes to ensure that product photographs be as faithful as possible to the actual product.

Article 4: Ordering procedure

Any order on the Website should conform to the procedure implemented by Who We Are on their Website including subsequent steps that validate the order as well as the sales contract:

  • Fill one's virtual cart
  • Indicate the quantities and desired version(s) of the product
  • Select a delivery method
  • Provide the information regarding order delivery
  • Select a payment mode
  • Provide the information regarding the chosen payment mode

The Client may select as many products as they wish; they will be added to the Client's cart. The cart provides a list of the products selected by the Client as well as the prices and costs thereof. The Client will then have full liberty to modify their cart as they wish before order validation.

Order validation constitutes a final acceptance that can only be called into question under the circumstances fixed by these general sales conditions. It constitutes full acceptation of the products purchased, of their price and additional costs as well as the general sales conditions from the Client. Order validation concludes the sales contract.

To order, the Client undertakes to providing the exact and valid information necessary to the processing of the operation regulated by these General Sales Conditions via the Website. The Vendor will not take responsibility for inaccurate information provided by the Client and resulting in the non-processing of the order regulated by these General Sales Conditions. The Client can access and modify their data in the "My Account" section.

Order will only be deemed validated once the payment has been accepted. The Vendor is allowed to refuse or cancel any order made by a Client currently in litigation for a previous order.

A confirmation email including a recap of the order (products , price, product availability, quantity...) will be sent to the Client by Who We Are. To this end, the Client accepts the use of emails for order confirmation performed by Who We Are.

Article 5: Availability and presentation

Orders are accepted

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